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NOIT (Natural Orientation Inducing Tool)


The purpose of the NOIT™ unit is to support an individual to learn how to be in a state of orientation with the senses working in harmony.

What does the NOIT do?

Individuals with learning disabilities often also have problems with sensory overload, speech, balance or auditory perception which can make them more prone to disorientation (loss of focus). The function of the NOIT is to support an individual while they learn to establish a stable orientation. It cannot cause this directly, but by putting an auditory stimulus in the exact same place at frequent intervals (every eight seconds) for long periods of time, the person learns to keep their attention in one place. By keeping their attention in one place, they are able to accurately perceive the world around them from this place and many of their difficulties decrease. When they can do this, we say that the person is “oriented”.

The NOIT is attached to the back of the user using a sticky gel pad between the shoulder blades. It makes an audible “ting” sound every 8 seconds. The volume can be easily controlled so as not to be perceptible to
others. It is well tolerated by children and adults alike.

What can be expected from using the NOIT?

Using the NOIT can improve:

  • maintaining focus and attention
  • understanding and following instructions
  • social skills
  • receptive and expressive language skills
  • balance and hand/eye coordination

Who can use a NOIT?

Although the NOIT was originally created, by Ronald D.
Davis, for non-verbal individuals with Autism, we have
discovered that it is useful for anyone who wishes to
learn to focus and attend in any situation. Individuals
with diagnoses of ADHD, have found the NOIT
especially useful. NOIT units are currently available
through licensed Davis® Facilitators.

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