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Davis® Math Mastery

Most math-related learning disabilities are directly related to the dyslexic way of thinking and perceiving, and clear up once dyslexia is addressed. The dyslexia correction program clears up problems of mis-reading function signs, mis-reading numerals, difficulty with word problems, and difficulty understanding new concepts. However, there are some folks who have a specific learning disability in math. The same concepts mastered in the ADD program underlie acquisition of basic math concepts and skills.

The Davis® Math Mastery program includes orientation counselling and basic ADD concept mastery. Once the individual can learn in an oriented state, and has mastered those basic concepts, basic math concepts are taught in a way that makes sense to a dyslexic brain. Using clay, the individual learns math procedures and concepts by tapping into the picture-thinking ability. The math mastery program covers counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions.

Math function words are mastered using Davis Symbol Mastery.

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