Davis Dyslexia Facilitators’ Association of Canada

Davis®​ Facilitator Training

At our international site, https://www.davistraining.info/ will provide information for professional-quality training in methods developed by Ronald D. Davis to all interested adults, including dyslexia practitioners, teachers, homeschooling parents, and others interested in learning how to use and apply our innovative and effective learning approach.

Our training includes a career-oriented program leading to licensing as a Davis® Dyslexia Correction Facilitator. Training is available worldwide through our network of international affiliates. University or CEU credit may be available depending on specific course and location.

Davis Learning Strategies®

This 2-day workshop provides Primary Teachers (K- Gr.3) with unique and innovative strategies for improving reading instruction and classroom management. It equips young learners with proven lifelong skills in “how to learn.”

The Davis Learning Strategies® was conceived in 1993 and developed by Ronald D. Davis and Sharon Pfeiffer (Educator). In a pilot study published in 2001, these methods were shown to eliminate the need for special education placement for at-risk students. Strong readers gained stronger language and grammar skills, and weaker students learned to read effortlessly. Gifted education placement from pilot classrooms also far exceeded national averages. DLS provides a positive impact beyond reading as it empowers individual children to become self-managing learners. Benefit for the Students: • Davis Focusing Skills are an innovative set of self-regulation skills. These simple tools provide students with the self-directed ability to be focused on the learning task at hand. • Davis Symbol Mastery allows students to master the alphabet, punctuation marks, and basic sight words with a simple, easy, and fun alternative to pencil-paper activities. • Davis Reading Exercises improve skill in word recognition and comprehension. They can be used alone or as a supplement to other reading programs. Benefit for the Teacher: • Reach all students regardless of learning style; • Build effective sight vocabulary, comprehension, and other reading skills; • Manage the classroom more effectively; • Have methods that are easy to implement and flexible; • Meet early intervention needs that prevent the onset of a specific learning disability. (information regarding DLS found at http://www.davislearn.com) The purpose of the NOIT™ unit is to support an individual to learn how to be in a state of orientation with the senses working in harmony.


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