Davis Math Mastery™

Most math-related learning disabilities are directly related to the dyslexic way of thinking and perceiving, and clear up once dyslexia is addressed. The dyslexia correction program clears up problems of mis-reading function signs, mis-reading numerals, difficulty with word problems, and difficulty understanding new concepts. However, there are some folks who have a specific learning disability in math. The same concepts mastered in the ADD program underlie acquisition of basic math concepts and skills.

The Davis Math Mastery™ program includes orientation counselling and basic ADD concept mastery. Once the individual can learn in an oriented state, and has mastered those basic concepts, basic math concepts are taught in a way that makes sense to a dyslexic brain. Using clay, the individual learns math procedures and concepts by tapping into the picture-thinking ability. The math mastery program covers counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. Math function words are mastered using Davis Symbol Mastery.

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