Davis Attention Mastery™ Program

Davis techniques offer a drug-free approach to successful management of ADD/ADHD.

The key symptoms of ADD are difficulty staying focused and difficulty with planning and organization, including difficulty keeping track of things. People with ADD often do not seem to be listening, quickly forget what they have been asked to do, and seem lost in their own world. The reason is they spend much more time than most dyslexic folks in a disoriented state. In a disoriented state, the senses of time, balance and motion may also be affected, leading to hyperactivity or hypoactivity. When individuals spend too much time in a disoriented state, they miss completely, or partially, learning some basic concepts required for managing themselves, tasks, and belongings.

Correction begins with Davis Orientation Counselling, helping the individual learn to recognize disorientation, and turn it off. There are Davis tools to help handle hyperactivity and frustration tolerance. Basic concepts are mastered using Davis Symbol Mastery, so the individual learns to think with the ideas of change, consequence, time, sequence, and order vs. disorder. The program is detailed in “The Gift of Learning” by Ron Davis.

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